Dog Boarding

All of our guests receive TLC!

When your dog is a guest with us here at Country Lane Pet Resort, he doesn’t have to sit around all day in an enclosure. We do all we can to get our guests out of their run and into one of our HUGE exercise areas. This isn’t a dog park, where all the canines are together in one area. Each guest is given an exercise area that is theirs alone to enjoy. At Country Lane, we’re committed to having our guests spend several hours each day outside.  We have 21 full speed running yards.  Many of them larger than most people’s backyards.  Our yards consist of grass and are heavily wooded with lots of shade. We also have gravel yards available for guests with allergies or on inclement weather days.  Your dog will have several hours of private time in their own yard. All of our yards are lighted for late evening exercise sessions.





When your dog is outside, he is active! Guests run around the exercise yards and talk to their neighbors in adjoining yards. All of this play makes for a quiet resort at the end of the day. Your dog rests easy at night in a spotless climate controlled enclosure.

All of our buildings are fully-heated during the colder months, air-conditioned during the warmer months and offer HEPA filtration.  Symphonic music plays 24/7 in all of our buildings to reduce any possible high anxiety.

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