PCSA Accreditation – What it Means

Country Lane Pet Resort was the first and only boarding kennel in the Tri-State area to earn the Pet Care Services Association (PCSA) prestigious “Voluntary Facilities Accreditation.”  Awarded based on safety, cleanliness, and staff professionalism, this accreditation has been earned by only 77 kennels in the United States (it’s estimated that there are 11,000-12,000 boarding kennels, nationwide).  This represents less than 1% of the pet care facilities who have achieved this milestone.

What Does It Mean to Board Your Best Friend at an Accredited Boarding Facility?

When you board your best friend at an accredited boarding kennel, you know that you are dealing with a pet care facility that complies with a predetermined “Standards of Excellence”. Country Lane Pet Resort has earned a “lifetime” accreditation by consistently demonstrating their commitment to exceptional pet care and comply with a high “Standards of Excellence”.

The VFA Program offers a pet owner, the comfort of knowing that the accredited facility you are using has earned the PCSA “stamp of approval” by successfully completing this comprehensive program.

Boarding facilities that participated in the VFA Program were required to submit detailed information on their animal care procedures and business policies to PCSA.  They had to open their facility to an on-site inspection by trained VFA evaluators, to verify compliance with the standards of excellence that the program specifies achieving this accreditation should give you.

The program standards include over 200 detailed requirements for boarding facilities that were developed by PCSA over a five-year period.  These standards reflect the views of kennel operators, veterinarians, pet owners, and humane organizations and thus represent the current “state of the art” in animal care and management.