Required Vaccinations

For the safety of all the pets who board with us, we recommend all core vaccines are given 2 weeks prior to their visit with us.

What vaccinations are required to board my dog at Country Lane?

In brief, your dog must have current DHLP – Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella Vaccinations to stay at Country Lane. In addition, we now require the Canine Influenza vaccine for all of our canine guests.

Having your best friend’s vaccinations up to date is an important step in protecting his health. No dog will be permitted to board at Country Lane unless his vaccinations are up to date.  If you simply cannot get your dog to the vet for vaccinations or we determine vaccinations are not current upon arrival, we’ll do it for you. You must present proof of vaccination as provided by your vet upon check in. Before you board with us, be sure your pet is protected.

What vaccinations are required to board my cat at Country Lane?

Feline friends need protection from disease too. Vaccinations for cats are less straight forward than those required for dogs. Some vets recommend a Leukemia vaccination while other vets won’t give it. The same is true for the FIP vaccine. At Country Lane we recommend the following shots: RCP (sometimes listed as FVRCP), Rabies and Feline Leukemia. However, if your vet doesn’t believe these shots are in the best interest of your pet, let us know and we’ll make an exception. We’ve come to this conclusion after discussing the matter with local vets. Please note that Rabies is legally required for all pets even if you never intend to board them.

What should I do if I don’t have my pet’s vaccinations up to date?

It’s easy! Country Lane will take your pet to our kennel vet and have your shots done for you! This service carries a charge of $30.00 dollars plus the cost of the vaccinations. Please let us know prior to boarding that you desire this service so that we can make an appointment for your pet.