Dietary Requirements

We recommend all visiting guests bring their own food so we can maintain our guests on a diet they are familiar with.

A healthier option which minimizes any change in their food. Diet changes can result in soft stools or allergic reactions as a result of formula changes. In addition, a guests stay may not provide sufficient time to transition to our house food.

Country Lane does have IAMS product dry food available (various options) for your use if you prefer to use our food. There is a $3 per day per guest food charge if you choose to use our food.

If your dog or cat requires something else, you are welcome to provide it. In fact, we are big fans of maintaining a guests diet since a sudden change in their diet can sometimes bring on an upset stomach which can result in a soft stool. Please be certain your pet is familiar with any diet you bring.

Do your pets meals at home require considerable preparation? No worries ………….. we are accustomed to meeting the most unusual requests and sometimes consider ourselvesto be short order chefs. We have had just about every request you can imagine from cooking steaks and hamburger to slicing and dicing vegetables in preparation for a vegan diet. If your pet requires mixed food, just bring it along. Country Lane will be happy to help keep your pet on his regular diet by preparing it. .. again at no additional charge.