Good News! Country Lane is an all inclusive resort! This means we don’t charge extra to walk your dog, play with your dog or cat, or give it a treat on occasion. Significant outdooor time, interaction with our caregivers, special dietary and medication administration are all included in our rate. Please keep this in mind when you compare our costs with other kennels. Most facilities charge anywhere from $5.00 to $8.00 for 5 & 10 minute leash walks, and $1.00 or more every time they administer medication or provide a special diet need. These extra charges add up in a hurry.

At Country Lane Pet Resort our current charges are:

Dogs: Daily rate $27

2nd dog (sharing a room) – $25

3rd dog (sharing a room) – $18

Cats: $16.00 per day per cat

If you are boarding more than one dog, and they are sharing a room the rate is $25.00 for the 2nd dog. If a third dog is sharing the room, the rate is $18.00.

We do offer a deluxe exit bath that makes your pet smell great for an additional $15.00. We can also arrange a complete grooming for your pet while he is with us. Just let us know what your needs are.

All boarding charges are calculated by the night. To estimate your bill, simply multiply the total number of nights your pet will be with us by the price listed above.

Here’s an example

One dog arriving on the 10th of the month and going home on the 15th of the month will have a five day board, but will have only stayed at Country Lane for four nights. The boarding cost for a four-night, five-day stay for one dog would be $108.00.

At Country Lane Pet Resort, we charge by the night, which is significantly different than charging by the 24 hour clock.

If your pet arrives Friday morning and departs Sunday evening, your pet will have been with us 3 days, but only 2 nights. Your charge for the weekend stay is based on only 2 nights (Friday and Saturday night), not 3 days.

We don’t have a late check out penalty. All you need do is pick up your pet during any of our regular business hours on the date agreed and no additional charges will be levied against your account. Many boarding facilities have a 10:00 a.m. check out time and charge a full extra day if you’re late. Our policy allows you to come home late in the day from your travel and still pick up your pet without facing a late fee.

Our lodging rates include –

  • NO CHARGE for any essential needs of our guests. This includes significant outdoor play time, interaction with staff, special diet and medication administration.
  • NO CHARGE for normal care necessary for many seniors and guests with disabilities (i.e. guests who are blind, deaf, disabled, require ACL rehab during their visit ).
  • One of Cincinnati Magazine’s “Best of the City”
  • 2-3 hours of outdoor playtime (weather permitting) in their own large private yard
  • Air–conditioned, humidity controlled, HEPA filtration ventilation system for all indoor accommodations
  • Symphonic music played to all our guests 24/7 to reduce anxiety and provide a more relaxing environment
  • Access to on-site training while guest is in our care. Training charges are additional
  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Wooded natural setting

*There is an additional fee for:

  • guests who require insulin or sub-cutaneous shots
  • guests who require high levels of medical care
  • Shuttle Service for drop-off and pick-up
  • Exit Bath
  • Medication requests which exceed (5) medications or supplements per day – $5 per day. There is NO CHARGE for any daily requests which include less than 5 medications per day


Our Simple Cancellation Policy

There is never a cancellation charge if changes in your travel plans occur during non-peak travel periods in which we have guest room availability.

However, just like a hotel, during peak travel and holiday weekends (Spring Break,  Memorial Day,  Summer,  Labor Day,  Thanksgiving,  Christmas, and New Year’s) we experience a high demand for accommodations and maintain a lengthy waiting list. A waiting list of 30 to 50 guests is not unusual.

What happens if you need to return early, change travel dates, or cancel your trip during these peak travel times? 

We require a seven day notice of your travel plan changes, your which enables us to help someone on the waiting list by filling the room originally reserved for your pet. You will be required to pay for your pets cancelled lodging nights which we are unable to fill. 

Fortunately, our lengthy waiting lists often provide us clients who can react quickly and fill the open room; however, there is no guarantee.  Unlike most places which simply charge a cancellation fee without any effort to fill the room, we will call people on our waiting list and make them aware of the opening. If we can fill your canceled space, there is no charge. Many of you have benefited from these calls over the years and you know how hard we try to accommodate changes.