Cat Boarding

Country Lane Cattery

Country Lane Pet Resort is proud to offer 9 Lives Lodge as an option for you to board your cats while traveling. 9 Lives Lodge is an independent building nestled in a lovely wooded setting (click on any image for a larger view). Accommodations that are as quiet as a church which is important when boarding cats. Early on, our team realized most cats when away from home are initially unsettled. A quiet setting provides them an environment that helps them acclimate quickly, restoring the habits they exhibit daily at home, For example, exploring, eating well, and having natural bowl movements which are all important when cats are spending overnights away from home.


Feline guests at Country Lane do not share a building with our canine guests. Our lodge boasts six private sleeping quarters, each accommodating one or two guests from one family. The play room is surrounded by large windows which provides plenty of natural sunlight. The windows provide a terrific place for our guests to rest and survey the outdoor action. 9 Lives Lodge is located along a well-traveled deer path, so our guests are routinely treated to a local family of grazing deer. Our guests also can survey the birds if they prefer to watch their feather friends. We even offer our guests a small contained outdoor perch easily accessible from the inside of the lodge. The real fun starts with our extensive climbing wall, and even a real tree trunk from floor to ceiling for the expert climbers.

If they are a single cat and spend time alone at home, then the play time they spend in the large playroom is private time for just them. If there are multiple cats in one family, we can easily accommodate all of them playing in the large play room at the same time. We believe our accommodations which were specifically designed for cats combined with interaction from our experienced care givers is why they are so content at Country Lane.




Be certain you check our FAQ page for the latest vaccination information and pricing. If you need further assistance please contact us!

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NOTE: Our feline accommodations fill very quickly and with only six sleeping quarters available it is important to make reservations early.