About the Founder

Randy with Siberian Huskies #3 Houdini (L) and #4 Jackson. The great Houdini was the inspiration for Country Lane’s ultra-secure, double lock units.



Our first Siberian Husky, the beautiful Zoe, in her element

Randy Boyer founded Country Lane Pet Resort.  Country Lane was born from his inability to find a pet lodging facility that met his standards.  Many lacked the essentials: quality outdoor time (not a 10-minute walk around the building), outside space to run at full speed, fresh air circulation, and daily social interaction with the staff, which is a requirement for dog’s health, not a “TLC” or “extra-care” package.  It was this love that he had for dogs and cats that prompted him to follow his passion and operate the highest quality boarding facility, a retreat where you know your family members are getting the very best care, and where you have peace of mind.


Randy’s Dog (and Cats) Story

“I’ll take it from here.” the great Houdini commandeering a Siberian Husky Rescue Club of Columbus event.

In 1995, Randy co-founded a Siberian Husky rescue organization, that with a group of only 10 dedicated volunteers, they rescued and successfully placed over 80 dogs in three years.  Throughout this time he was reminded of his true purpose in life – he loved spending time with the dogs and advising other foster families and new adoptive families on how to integrate their new pack members into their lives.



From Avocation to Vocation

Randy volunteered at several kennels in Columbus where he saw the behind the scenes work required, performed that work, and still loved being around the dogs, so he knew that this was my calling.

Jackson, Randy’s fourth Siberian who was rescued from Northern Lights Siberian Rescue. A true Zen master and gentle dog who had a very tough life before he was adopted.

Randy’s second Siberian, Zane, enjoying a snowy day.




Randy embarked on a national search for kennels to purchase. He found Country Lane. In 2002, he moved to the greater Cincinnati area where Country Lane went from a three-employee, 30-unit boarding facility to one with over 15 both seasonal and full-time employees and a 100- unit boarding facility with capacity for over 100 dogs and 8 cats. 

Through this time, his dog family had changed.  At one time, believe it or not, he had three Siberian huskies who permitted humans to live with them.  Sadly, they’ve all passed but they left Randy’s family with great memories.

Finn enjoying a story at the Amelia Library.

Finn loves making new friends at the Ronald McDonald House.

Randy now has two small dogs, Finnegan, the smiling, loveable Pomeranian. Finn is a registered Pet Partners therapy dog.

He is a regular visitor at the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House and the Barks and Books library reading program with the Clermont County Library system.




In 2015, Randy rescued Eli from Papillion Haven Rescue.  He has high energy, and is, according to observers, pathologically obsessed with Randy. 





Powered by Best Friends

Country Lane Pet Resort is now integrated into the network of Powered by Best Friends locations, committed to maintaining its unique character and services while receiving support and guidance from Best Friends Pet Care.