You treat that dog like it is human…

I need to begin with a quote that many of my friends have said one time or another… “Julie, we want to be Gloria (the Greyhound) in our next life. You treat that dog like it is human. Most humans don’t get the attention and love you give that dog of yours…”

We have had Gloria since she was one and a half. She turned five in January. Gloria has always stayed with wonderful friends of ours when we have had to go out of town. That’s a huge responsibility on their part… knowing that she can be “high maintenance!”

There comes a time in one’s life where you say to yourself, “this is a DOG…” “Why do we find it so hard to treat her like one?”

The turning point came in March, when our dear pet sitters were busy, and our teens we had used in the past had found a social life and no longer dog-sit.


No, not really!

Through the doggie grapevine, I found out that 3 of my friends AND my vet LOVE Country Lane Pet Resorts. But how on earth could we expect our dog who is used to 6 miles’ worth of walks a day and a dog who sleeps on couches and beds, go to a kennel? No way!! Our dog is used to TLC 24/7 and a kennel could never take our place with all of the love, attention, and comfort we give our pup… or could it?

Country Lane proved us wrong. Gloria did just fine! As a matter of fact, she did WONDERFULLY! How do I know? Two huge reasons: (1) When I picked her up, she was more excited to see her care givers around the corner than me (no joke) (2) When she got home, she moped! No eye contact with any of us. I thought she would run around the house, wagging her tail. Nope! She missed Country Lane! (darn you guys! 🙂 )

Whatever Randy and his staff did with Gloria was more than I could hope for. Even when I called Randy the day after I dropped Gloria off (teary-eyed and worried), he reassured me that, “even though Gloria boycotted her food that night, she is slowly coming out of her shell and trusting us!”

Her tail couldn’t have been higher when I looked at her interaction with the staff as I picked her up this weekend.

Thank you so much for loving my dog and making her happy… it’s exactly what we both needed!!


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