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Hi Randy!

I wanted to let you know what a great experience Mac and I had with Connie French’s CGC training class at Country Lane. When we started the class, I had ownly had Mac about a month. We adopted him at age 3+ from a rescue group, a beautiful large german shepherd, and he had been abused and was very emaciated. He was extremely nervous and fearful, wouldn’t let anyone but me touch him, and was ready to bolt out the door at any time.

After 8 weeks of work with Connie and Donna, he is a different dog. He passed the CGC test with flying colors. He allowed the tester, a stranger, to approach, pet, groom, touch his ears and feet. He stays on command for any length of time, did not startle with loud noises or distractions, can walk through a crowd, heels on a loose lead, and stayed with a stranger while I was out of sight for the required 3 minutes no problem. What an accomplishment for an abused and abandoned adult dog.

I attribute this change to the gentle and calm training that Connie and Donna provided, and the opportunity to spend non threatening time with other people and dogs. I consider him well socialized now, and look forward to some further training. I urge anyone who would like a well balanced dog that can be taken into any social situations to take this class with Connie.

Thank you for providing a great facility, and staff, for our classes.

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