Thank you so much for the wonderful care…

Thank you so much for the wonderful care Heidi got when she stayed with you. I never worry when I leave her with you, I know she is in very capable hands.

I do want to thank Mary for calling, after we got home, to let me know about Heidi and her nose. I had seen her nose and knew what happened, she’s done this before. I told her she needs to keep her nose out of other people’s business. I do appreciate Mary taking the time to call.

Thought you might like to know, I think she was missing all of you after she got home. She would not eat for almost 2 days and she kept looking around like she was looking for someone. Maybe that someone was the person that really spoils her, possibly Mary…….I Love it!! It is nice to know that she enjoys being with all of you. When we pull into your drive she is ready to jump out of the car, she knows where she’s at. She loves being at “doggie camp”.

Thanks again for the wonderful care and also for the thoughtful call to let us know what happened with her nose. Other than family, I will never leave her with anyone else. I have also recommended you to anyone that will listen. I know one neighbor has already contacted you. Another neighbor is the one that told me about you, good news travels fast and far. Keep up the good work!!


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