Fortunate to have found Country Lane Pet Resort…

I feel very fortunate to have found Country Lane Pet Resort, not only because of the wonderful experience my dog has had at the resort and with the staff since she was a puppy, but also because of the training that she received from staff member, Ruth Gelter. Star and I first went to Ruth when Star was only three months old. Star is a German shepherd and very smart. I knew, though, that she might also be hard to handle if I didn’t expose her to the basics of obedience as early as possible in her development. After working with Ruth for just a few sessions, Star knew all of the important commands and was responsive to them. Better yet, I got excellent training as well, and knew what to do when Star decided she didn’t want to pay attention to those commands, or wanted to make a game of it. I would recommend Country Lane and Ruth to anyone who is interested not only in the best in boarding facilities, but also in a trainer who is compassionate, knowledgeable and makes learning fun for both the owner and the dog.

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