A beloved member of your family…

Dear Randy and Staff of CLPR

It is very difficult to go on vacation when you own a wonderful dog who has developed Diabetes Insipidus. This disease requires timed medications twice a day, causes the dog to be thirsty constantly, urinate frequently, and have serious separation anxiety. The separation anxiety results in non stop tail wagging, which often causes an injured tail. So how do you take care of a wagging bloody tail? When you are CLPR, you get ingenious and devise a bandage made from a foam rubber hair curler and vet wrap……the result of which is a saved tail! In case anyone reading this has forgotten…a dog’s tail is part of its spine so damage to it is not a good thing!!!!

Where other kennels simply look at an animal as a profit product, you look at an animal as a beloved member of your own family. CLPR took care of the tail and all the other needs and never asked for an additional fee. It should be noted that you were sold out that week, so you certainly did this on overtime. And when I returned from my trip, you made light of your extra efforts by having a “all part of what we do” demeanor!

Darrell Dawg is a marvelous pet who has warmed the hearts of all he meets. I miss his healthy years terribly, but I still see in him a wonderful, loving, dear sweet dog. Thanks so much for seeing that too. Randy and staff, you are such caring people….very rare in today’s world. I really appreciate you and thank you.

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