Guest Shuttle Services

Guest Shuttle Service

Some of our clients find they just don’t have time during their busy schedule to drop-off or pick-up their pet. If that’s the spot you’re in, no problem, we’ll be happy to come and pick up your pet for you and if need be, bring him home too! The charge is fair (based on your location) and you can’t get any more convenient. We’ll handle all of your check in or check out at the location of your choice. If you need pick up or delivery, just make note of it on your reservation form.

Our experience in pet transporting is unmatched and our reputation for safe, quality transportation service is exceptional. In fact, we provide this same quality service for several national animal transport services who contract with Country Lane to receive, care for, and deliver a loved one’s pet who is moving to the Cincinnati area. As an active member of IPATA (International Pet and “, ) , we currently support a large percentage of all international and domestic pet transports which occur in the tri-state.

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