Locks of Love

While not required, some Country Lane families have used Lock-itz Custom Engraved Locks to personalize their memorial. Of course, feel free to use your own artistic ability as well.

locks of loveIn an effort to celebrate our everlasting bond with fur kids who over the years came to visit, ran our yards and gave us endless memories, we have dedicated a memorial to honor their spirit.

Located directly in front of our parking lot is a section of chain link fence which people can affix a personalized pad lock in memory of their pet(s) who frequently visited Country Lane. While symbolizing our enduring loved for the pets who graced all of our lives, our hope is that it also brings a smile to those who read the messages on each of the colorful locks.

For those who have lost a loved one and who visited with use over the years, we encourage you to buy a padlock, paint it with your dog or cats name, a few memorable words and add to our Locks of Love memorial.

So the next time your out to visit, take a look and maybe one of the locks will inspire you to honor your loved one.

Locks of Love Memorial 12.13 - 5 Locks of Love Memorial 12.13 - 2
Locks of Love Memorial 12.13 - 4