A Day at Country Lane

A Day at Country Lane . . .

… is one in which all of us would find enjoyable. All our guests get to eat, sleep, and play which you have to admit sounds nice considering the busy days we all seem to create for ourselves.

Our morning exercise session in our large yards begin promptly at 7:00AM and conclude after each of our guests get between I and 1.5 hours of quality outdoor time. Breakfast is served when our guests return into their clean rooms followed by uninterrupted quiet rest time until mid-day. During this rest time, our guests are treated to soothing symphonic music with no human traffic. Most boarding facilities conduct check-in and check-out activity all day long, creating interruptions in their nap time and increasing their stress levels. At Country Lane, we recognize the important balance of rest time following an active morning outdoors and have structured our check-in and check-out hours to accommodate the essential needs of our guests.

At 4:00 pm. we wake our guests for another lengthy play session followed by a well deserved dinner before being tucked in for the evening. Our goal is to make sure each of our guests get between 2-3 hours of outdoor time (weather permitting) each day. This outdoor time is an essential need of all our guests and should never be made an option for you to purchase. We feel the same way about not charging for playtime with our caregivers. Selling people time disguised as “TLC” or Cuddle Time” packages is not what we are about. Outdoor time and people interaction is vital to the overall happiness of our guests and this is confirmed by the positive feedback we hear from our clients. Senior guests or guests with special needs can follow their own schedule as requested by the owner.

To minimize disruption of our guests during their nap time, their rooms are thoroughly cleaned while they are playing outside. We sanitize our units every day. Many people who tour our facilities are amazed that there is NO odor.

Run Spot Run!

Watch a short video of dogs at play at Country Lane Pet Resort.

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Editor’s note — our canine guests are not comingled and each guest within a household has their own dedicated yard. The dogs at play together in this video are related and from the same household.

If you have further questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact us. For directions, click here.

View our presentation from 2008 DogFest

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