On behalf of our corgi…

Dear Randy,

I am writing on behalf of our corgi, Rhymney, who refuses to type his letters on a computer.

Thank you very much for taking such great care of him during our trip. As you know, he had never before spent overnight at a kennel in his 10 years, so we were a bit concerned. When we picked him up after a week with you he was clean, happy, and his normal self. He showed no signs of anxiety and returned to his old habits as soon as he got home.

The highly professional and caring philosophy you describe in your website understates the care you provide. My wife and I selected Country Lane because we liked the fact that you think of things from the dog’s perspective. I think Rhymney would agree.

Jennifer and I are delighted by how you and your wonderful staff treated Rhymney, and us. It was very comforting to get word from you early in our trip that Rhymney was doing well. It made our vacation that much more relaxing. We are already thinking of more trips, so you will be seeing more of Rhymney in the future.

Thank you and very best to you and your staff,

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