Q: Why is Country Lane opposed to enclosed “run” areas?

A: At Country Lane, we no longer use our enclosed “runs” and consider them obsolete.  We now exclusively use our big full speed running yards.  These big yards really allow our guests to kick it into high gear and get up and go!  Since we do not comingle our guests everyone has their own huge, private yard that offers shared fence lines with other guests.  It is this opportunity to really run that also makes them ready to nap in the afternoon and sleep well at night.

Our guests are excited to come back inside our air-conditioned buildings after a hard play.  We find that most of our guests just love the freedom of being outside, enjoying the sun, green grass, lush trees and fresh air.  Whether they are runners or not, it is far more healthy and enjoyable for them than being on a 4X8 concrete slab.

Unlike other places that simply do not provide opportunities for “dogs to be dogs,” we know that lots of fresh air and play time makes for a fun stay at Country Lane.