Q: Why doesn’t Country Lane offer all day pick-up and drop-off services?

A: Common sense, as well as research, shows that a quiet environment reduces stress and creates a more enjoyable visit. However, many facilities offer all-day non-stop pick-up hours that are convenient for the owner but not in the best interest of the guest.  They allow owners to stop by at any time during the day. Although convenient, imagine how your pet feels when she is trying to rest but staff is coming in and out of the building to retrieve other guests.  When this happens, all dogs wag their tails and excitedly bark.  It takes a minimum of 20 minutes of un-interrupted quiet time before they relax and begin to settle down.

At Country Lane, our daily activities of exercise and playtime are designed around necessary naptime. We have specific drop-off and pick-up times offered daily that combine any disruptions into two designated time periods ONLY.  All other times our guests relax and sleep in our climate controlled buildings while symphonic music, also proven to relax animals, plays 24 hours a day.