Q: Why doesn’t Country Lane have suites with TV’s and miniature beds for the dogs?

A: A: Honestly, what dog really cares about having a TV and couch in their room? At Country Lane we focus on what dogs really want and more importantly what they need. Quality exercise time and interaction with people are vital to the success of any guest and not “stuff” which is unnecessary and dispensable. We believe the industry trend to market these extras is simply another way to increase your bill while making you feel better about leaving your pet. We also believe that guest facilities which offer accommodations that include a scaled down version of your bed are dangerous and present considerable health risks. Many dogs love to chew and we prefer it be something safe other than bedding which they can potentially ingest. The dog-sized master suite concept is appealing to the owner but is potentially hazardous to your dog.

We prefer our clients to bring their pet’s favorite towel or throw rug for their pet’s visit. Bringing something from home is recommended since it will carry a familiar scent that will relax your pet.