Q: Why does Country Lane promote tours?

A: At Country Lane we want to ensure your best friend is excited, comfortable and looking forward to their visit.  We have found that investing time in our guests prior to their extended stay increases their comfort while at Country Lane.

For new guests who experience high separation anxiety, we even suggest they spend a quick overnight in addition to their pre-visit tour.  This tiered approach has proven to work wonders and builds confidence and trust in our guests.

Giving your best friend the opportunity to visit us in advance, meet all of our caregivers and take in the sounds, smells and visuals is so valuable. They have fun during their pre-visit and then get to go home with their people.  When they return for their extended stay, they know they are not being left wondering whether their people will return.  They experienced this during their previous overnight stay and are thus confident that they will have fun and their people will come back for them!