Q: Why does Country Lane promote customized meals during your pet’s stay?

A: At Country Lane, we recommend you maintain your pet’s diet and bring their own food.  Although we serve IAMS products (Red Bag-Lamb & Rice) we believe it is far healthier to remain consistent and not change their diet.  Yes, it is a lot more effort to prepare so many different special diets each morning and evening.  However, it is all about our guests and we are dedicated to ensuring they will enjoy their stay.  We are basically short order chefs with all the different diet requirements of up to 90 guests!

Some facilities suggest your pet eat their in-house food to simplify the feeding process.  Others charge a per meal surcharge for the effort involved to prepare a special diet other than what they would normally serve.  We do not embrace either approach and believe we have the responsibility to do what is best regardless of the time involved.  Most importantly, we do not charge extra for feeding your dog a customized meal.