Q: Why does Country Lane match the temperaments of our guests?

A: Unlike most boarding facilities, we find it important to take time to match the temperaments of our guests during their daytime and night time accommodations.  Our guests are not simply randomly placed into adjoining units.  Yes, each guest has the comforts of their own unit,  however, each building houses guests with close or similar personalities.

For example, we have one building we jokingly refer to as the “Frat House.”  This building accommodates our young, high energy and very active guests who range in age from 1-5 years old.  These guests have a ball, play cards all night and swap stories about who chased the fastest squirrel or treed the biggest raccoon.

Our second building is designated for our “special needs” guests.  Guests who have health issues (i.e. diabetes, heart conditions, deaf, blind, etc.) all find comfort in being in the same building.  We also have found that our smaller guests and young puppies do very well in this building.

Finally, our remaining building is primarily used for our senior guests who are a bit older and prefer to sleep a lot and guests which may experience high separation anxiety.  This quiet environment is exactly what they prefer.

This more personable approach requires a lot more effort which is probably why most places simply do not invest the time to match the personalities. Our approach requires each caregiver  to carefully assess the needs of each of our guests.  Through conversations with their people and our on-site assessments we can accurately place each guest in the facility that suits her best.