All Inclusive Rate

All Inclusive – One Flat Fee with NO Additional Charges

Unlike most boarding facilities, we choose not to charge our clients for customary care such as outdoor time, quality time with our team of experienced caregivers, unique dietary requirements, and special medical administration.  At Country Lane, there is one daily flat fee and no extra nickel & dime charges.  The only optional charges available are our very popular exit bath and drop-off / pick-up services.

Maya visits Country Lane after surgery

Our philosophy of care is different.   Essential needs such as outdoor time and interaction with our caregivers should not be presented to our clients as an option they can purchase. We would never dream of creatively naming these essential needs, adding a clever marketing spin, or selling these as an extra service.  Charging extra for 5-10-20 minute leash walks, etc. compromises on the quality care of the guest. The decision to offer an ala carte menu of services and to charge separately for each may be appropriate for some businesses, but it is not in the best interest of quality pet care.  Whether our guests require special diets prepared or medications administered, these daily occurrences should not be considered an “extra effort.”  Furthermore, we do not believe outdoor run time should be optional because extensive outdoor time results in a more relaxed and healthy guest.

This approach is in the best interest of your dog.  Why?  Imagine the thought of the dog who’s human chooses not to pay for a leash walk.  What feelings does that dog experience when the staff comes into the unit next door to them and walks their neighbor, but not them.

Of course they feel confused, and feel they have done something wrong, because they were not chosen to go outside.  This feeling is especially acute with rescue dogs who have spent extended time in a multi-dog environment.

Please check out this article from the Kentucky Enquirer on how dogs know when they’re being treated unfairly.

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